Exalted Lord: A Study of Jesus Christ's Exaltation from the Book of Acts
by Randal L. Gilmore
Print: $11.99    eBook: $7.99

Every true Christian believes that Jesus died, was buried, and rose again. As important as these events are, they do not tell the whole story of Jesus... (read more)
by Steve Rowe
eBook: $7.99  

Are you a person that struggles with episodes of fear and anxiety? You may find there is no particular reason for the feelings, but you just can't get them out of your spirit or out of your mind ... (read more)
by Mitch A. Schultz
eBook: $4.99

I have stood on both sides of loss. As a pastor, I have ministered on countless occasions to those who are mourning the loss of a loved one. As a husband and father, I also have received such ministry while suffering through losses of my own... (read more)
by Randal L. Gilmore
ebook: $5.99   print: $7.00 with free shipping

My journey on the path toward resolving conflict biblically began almost sixteen years ago when I took a graduate course on conflict while studying organizational communication at Western Michigan University. One night the professor for the class... (read more)

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