Exalted Lord

Exalted Lord: A Study of Jesus Christ's Exaltation from the Book of Acts
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Every true Christian believes that Jesus died, was buried, and rose again. As important as these events are, they do not tell the whole story of Jesus. Following the resurrection, Jesus appeared on earth for forty days. On day forty, He ascended into heaven to be seated at the right hand of God the Father. Jesus’ enthronement at the Father’s right hand marked the beginning of His exaltation as Lord of lords. His exaltation will culminate in His literal, bodily return to the earth, at which time He will utterly rout all of His enemies, making them His footstool.

Presently, as our High Priest, Jesus is interceding for everyone who has believed on Him. As the exalted Lord of lords, Jesus also serves as a mighty general, orchestrating events on the battlefield that will lead someday to His enemies’ utter defeat. Accordingly, even in the darkest of circumstances, we can be sure that the mighty Lord Jesus remains in control. He will win in the end. In the meantime, Jesus provides grace, power, meaning, and a sense of His presence so we might share in His victories.

A study of the Book of Acts reveals the impact God intends for Jesus’ exaltation as Lord to have on people in life here and now. My own encounter with that impact began when I first believed on Jesus as an eight year-old boy. It then took an even more profound hold on my life several years ago as I was preparing a series of sermons on the Book of Acts for my church family. Until that time, I had studied and taught through Acts based on the themes of the Church and the Holy Spirit, both of which are featured prominently throughout the book. Then I made two decisions that changed forever the way I look at what Luke wrote. The first was to approach my study of Acts from a narrative perspective. The second was to purchase and read “The Character and Purpose of Luke’s Christology” by Douglas Buckwalter. Buckwalter’s book is a careful and scholarly analysis of the themes of Luke’s Gospel and the Book of Acts. The more I read and reflected on Buckwalter’s insights, the more I began to see Acts' theme of “Jesus as the exalted Lord.”

These decisions not only changed the way I looked at Luke's writings, they also changed my understanding of numerous other associated passages of Scripture. They also changed my life. Many times since then, I have said to myself and to anyone else who would listen: “How could we have missed this!”

The Exalted Lord study you are about to read is just a small piece of the fruit God has produced in my heart and mind as I continue to make my way through Luke-Acts and the rest of the New Testament. I must emphasize this study is not just another salvo for one side or the other in the so-called “Lordship salvation” debate. Much of the discussion on both sides of that debate misses the profound and life-changing significance of Jesus’ exaltation. As the realization of who Jesus is as the exalted Lord and Christ sinks in, not only do people embrace Him by faith, they also begin to treasure Him. They begin to count every experience of gain apart from Him as nothing but loss. They start living for the purpose of knowing Him and the power of His resurrection. From the depths of their being, they begin to marshal and manage all of their resources to be instruments of His Lordship.

Many Christians will recognize the Philippians 3 language toward the end of the last paragraph. Since I embarked on the study you are about to read, I began to recognize the reality of Philippians 3:7-14 in my own heart and life. I stress that I am just beginning and have not yet “apprehended that for which I have been apprehended.” Accordingly, I press on, and I invite you now to join me.

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