Why Am I So Afraid?

Why Am I So Afraid: Walking With God Through Fear and Anxiety
by Steve Rowe
eBook price - $7.99

Are you a person that struggles with episodes of fear and anxiety? You may find there is no particular reason for the feelings, but you just can’t get them out of your spirit or out of your mind. Thoughts of fear and anxiety dictate every move you make and you generally feel bad all the time. For example,  you are going about your daily business; maybe you are helping your kids get ready for school, typing an email at work, preparing dinner, having fun with friends, or getting ready for church. Suddenly, a thought crosses your mind that sends a spark of worry or fear into your spirit. It ignites a deep, painful emotion that throws you into an emotional or physical, tailspin, ruining your day. You may not know what caused you to think that thought, or maybe it is something that has been preying on your mind for a while, but you can’t get the thought out of your mind. Then, the “what-if’s” begin. What if this happens or what if that happens? You fear even more, because that initial thought has given birth to more fearful thoughts, making your situation worse.

Sound familiar? If so, you may have a problem controlling and living with fear. I know, because I live with fear every day...Through the years I have found that problems with fear and anxiety are fairly universal. Take heart that you are not alone. I can vouch for you in knowing that having this problem can make you feel very alone and isolated. The coming chapters will provide a framework for areas of spiritual growth and communication with God that you can use to develop a plan to handle fear in your life. These are tips, hints, best practices, and Biblical support I have gathered over the 30 years I have dealt with this problem. Not everything will apply directly to you. You may have to tailor some of the material to suit your situation. But it is my hope that you walk away from this text with sound thinking and with tangible activities you can use to combat the fear and anxiety problems you war with each day.

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