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"Meet Jesus in the Gospel of John"
by Jeannie Vogel
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If God gave you the power to do miracles, what would you do first? Would you heal the sick? Feed the hungry? Make blind people see? Deaf people hear? Jesus had the power to do all of these and more. But he chose something else first. He knew he must confirm his true identity to his disciples. Otherwise, some of them might never believe, but only follow him around.


Inside Jesus’ First Miracle, find out which miracle Jesus performed ahead of all others; and how it proved that he is the Christ, the Son of God.


Discover also who else besides the disciples knew what happened.


Note to Parents and Grandparents: Jesus' First Miracle will help you talk with your children and grandchildren about how Jesus' story ends. He is coming again someday to restore all things. Meanwhile, we live inside his story!

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