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Story Deep: How to Find Hidden Treasures of Meaning as You Study Bible Stories

by Randal Gilmore

Publish Date: 1/25/2023
Publisher: Exalt Publications
ISBN: 978-1-7325000-5-1 (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-7325000-6-8 (Hardcover)
Page Length: 154

Story Deep offers you a detailed guide for your own expository study of Bible stories. Learn how to go beyond Roman numeral outlines and word studies to explore the rich depositories of meaning found in biblical narrative.

In Story Deep, you’ll discover:

  • A step-by-step guide you can use to read and study any Bible story

  • The power of Bible stories to create life-transforming Aha-moments

  • Why Roman numeral outlining of Bible stories does not work

  • How and why the inductive method still applies to the study of Bible stories

  • How story questions can lead to making better sense of Bible Stories

  • How Bible stories are foundational to sound doctrine and to thinking your way through Scripture systematically

  • How to share effectively the fruit of your study of Bible stories

Story Deep is an essential resource for anyone who takes the study of Scripture seriously.

What Others Are Saying About Story Deep...

Pastor Adam Breiner
Gilbertsville, PA

Story Deep is extremely helpful to me as a pastor and as someone who is regularly preaching and teaching. Even if you’re not a pastor, if you’re reading through the Scripture devotionally, this will help you...I highly recommend it for those in Christian ministry or for the Christian who just wants to be encouraged in the truth of God’s Word.

Peg Clayton, M.A.
Missionary and ESL Curriculum Specialist

"Read Story Deep to expand your understanding of the stories within the Bible. In addition, you’ll receive a fresh new way of sharing your faith."

Dr. Mark Lounsbrough
Missions Professor

"Dr. Gilmore’s devotion to understanding the role of storying has greatly impacted my love for Bible narrative. I have been teaching the Book of Acts in Bible colleges in Brazil and the United States for nearly three decades. However, in more recent years, my interaction with him has kindled a new thirst for the beauty of the story itself, rather than the sophistication of clever outlines and abstract summaries. This book is a guide to that end, and I commend it to anyone desiring to mine the riches of the Bible’s incomparable story."

Wife and Mother of Four

"So good! Altering how I think through the Bible stories I’m reading to the kids!"

Lee Schultz
Instructional Systems Specialist

Story Deep provides an eye-opening look at how modern-day sermon outlines and alliteration can sometimes fall short in communicating the full story of who Jesus is and what he has done. Dr. Gilmore’s practical approach to understanding how to tell a Biblical story, along with the examples provided in this book, will enable the reader to apply these concepts to other passages of Scripture in order to enhance audience understanding of the complete story the whole Bible is telling of the salvation God offers each of us."

Andrew Gonnerman
Missionary to Japan 

"The Bible tells the world’s greatest story, and Story Deep provides a way of understanding stories. Anyone preaching or teaching Biblical stories must understand how a story works both within itself and within the overarching storyline, and this book provides understanding and methods to help. I look forward to using Story Deep methods personally and in ministry."

Pastor Jim Kester
Tucson, AZ

"This book will make a difference in how listeners of your teaching and preaching of God’s Word will respond. The expository preaching of one word, one sentence, one verse, one chapter and one book of the Bible is contained in the whole, entire, ‘deep’ story of the Word of God! Read it. It will make a difference!"
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