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Our Story

This is Dr. Randal Gilmore, Founder of the Gospel Story-arc® Project. The best way to explain the Gospel Story-arc® Project is for me to share a bit of my own journey. I grew up in a Christian home and became a believer in Jesus when I was just eight years old. After high school, I attended Bible college and was trained to study theology and the Scriptures. I really fell in love with the Word of God back then and remain in love with it to this day. But through the years, I found my understanding of many Bible texts limited by the philosophy and narrow range of analytical tools I had been taught. I became frustrated, believing that word studies and Western style outlines weren't always the most effective ways to make sense of the Gospel.

Then I turned to the science of story. And what I found is a much simpler, more coherent, and much more powerful way of engaging (and applying) Bible content. It’s not that I started thinking that everything I was taught previously was wrong. It wasn’t. And I remain grateful for the training I received. 

A Gospel Story-arc® approach affects how I study everything in Scripture, and how I disciple people to love and serve Jesus. It’s been a great journey, and I have lots more to share with you, including more about how to use narrative tools to study the Scriptures.


As I always say, “It’s Your Story Too!”™

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