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EXALT Publications is a full-service publisher of both fiction and non-fiction content that inspires faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, while informing and modeling truth connected to every element of his sacred story.

EXALT Publications is accepting manuscripts from both new and previously published authors. When submitting manuscripts or content proposals, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. All content must be biblically sound.

  2. Fiction and non-fiction manuscripts are acceptable, including short-stories. Non-fiction manuscripts will not be accepted if more than 20% of their content is quoted material.

  3. Content intended for online training courses is acceptable.

  4. No profanity or sexually explicit content will be accepted. No horror or graphic novels will be accepted.

  5. Use Arial, Cambria, Helvetica, or some similar font type, size 12, to make submissions. Do not  use drop caps, or other types of specialty formatting.

  6. If your manuscript contains more than 10,000 words, submit chapters 1 and 2 in full, along with brief descriptions (less than 500 wds) of each remaining chapter.

  7. Do not submit images, illustrations, or other types of graphical content.

  8. Submissions that do not include all of the requested information from the author(s) will not be accepted.

  9. Copyrights pertaining to submitted material remain with the author(s). However, copies of an author’s work may be distributed to EXALT Publications team members for their evaluation and professional services in the publication process.

  10. EXALT Publications is the sole judge of which content to accept and not accept

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